The History of the Libyans, the Others’ Interests

As soon as the Rebels reached the Libyan capital and the guns in Tripoli began to cool down, already the great powers who invested in the CNT they found themselves sitting at the table of the banqueting hall: oil and reconstruction represent now a delicious booty and a legitimate reward for their humanitarian support.

But along the way of the war in Libya many lost their dignity: the UN and the ICC first missed the opportunity to win back a bit of credibility. The Rebels, the real heroes on the ground and still up in arms, should start now another war: the war for freedom and justice. A war which main challenge is represented by the duty to rewrite a national inclusive history.

Find an analysis of the situation in Libya after the Rebels reached the capital Tripoli on the Colombian online political review Razon Publica, with the title La historia de los libios, los intereses de los demás.

(Cartoon is courtesy of Matt Bors@Cartoon Movement)

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