About Me

Massimo Di Ricco contributes as columnist and news commentators on international affairs, Middle East, European and Latin American political issues. Sometimes as journalist on the field and more than often as academic and researcher. He owns a PhD in Mediterranean Cultural Studies from the University of Tarragona in Spain and he is actually specializing in the field of media, journalism and global politics. He worked, lived and taught in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Latin America. He contributed to several international publications, newspapers, magazines, television channels, radio, organizations or webpages from different political spectrum (The National, Al Jazeera English, Open Democracy, Al Akhbar English, TeleSUR, Middle East Eye, Jadaliyya, El Espectador, Razon Publica, Foreign Affairs Latinoamerica, Counterpunch, SkyTG24, Radio Popolare Network, Il Fatto Quotidiano,…)

The contents of this page date back to 2005 and go on until today, representing an extensive archive of posts, publications on academic journals, newspapers or magazines, courses taught, televisions appearances, documentaries or just documenting history through multimedia.

Contact: massimodiricco@gmail.com